Services We Offer
Contract Research
We perform contract research for companies in the pharmaceutical and
biotechnology industry, as well as for scientific software companies leveraging the
extensive experience of the Principal.

The contract can be of short-term (1 week to a month) or long-term (3-6 months).

Defined by the client, the research will be performed at the client's site, using the
client's infra-structure (computers, software, hardware).  The project may cover a
variety of CADD activities:
    Lead optimization, lead identification, scaffold hopping, candidate
    prioritization, and other activities using a variety of techniques including:
  1. Development of statistical models (e.g., QSAR, 3D-QSAR)
  2. Database creation and building
  3. 2D similarity, 2D searches
  4. Pharmacophore model development and 3D searches
  5. Docking and scoring
  6. Molecular alignment
  7. Compound sampling, clustering, similarity, dissimilarity
  8. predictive ADME/Tox
  9. Others
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