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Accelrys Inc. – San Diego, California        1996 –2005
Executive Director, Cheminformatics and Rational Drug Design        2002 –2005
•        Assumed responsibility for Cheminformatics business area, while maintaining all functions of
previous position.  Re-organized poorly performing unit, consolidating multiple groups into one area
in Cambridge, UK, and standardized operations.  Recruited new staff.
•        Oversaw business performance, product planning & management, marketing functions,
portfolio analysis & rationalization, strategic planning, and more.
•        Worked closely with marketing programs manager to formulate new domestic and
international business development strategies.  Evaluated markets and ensured products met
business needs.
•        Supervised management team in two countries and set all business unit goals and objectives.
•        Improved productivity and performance by focusing on motivation, team building, and
•        Grew Cheminformatics business 16% during period of economic depression and built
program into one of company’s most successful areas.  Maintained profitability in Rational Drug
Design area while investing in, and redefining strategy of, Cheminformatics.
•        Maintained control of about 150 software products across two areas, accounting for 33% of
company’s business.

Director, Lead Identification & Optimization        1999 –2002
•        Promoted from Director to Senior Director.  Supervised and trained team of Product Managers
and Product Specialists.  Managed company’s Modeling and Simulations software systems.
•        Achieved average of 25% year-over-year growth, increasing revenue 150% in three years.
•        Developed business plans and strategies for each product line.  Standardized product
development procedures to improve efficiency and productivity.
•        Formulated P&L analyses, market analyses for new initiatives, and $1 million department
•        Established objectives for direct reports and managers.  Shifted product marketing area focus
from science-oriented viewpoint to more business strategy oriented.

Senior Product Manager, Rational and Combinatorial Drug Design        1996 - 1999
Molecular Simulations Inc.        San Diego, CA
•        Carried out Product Planning, Management, and Marketing for Rational and Combinatorial
Drug Design software line.
•        Forecasted and planned strategic direction and functionality of products.
•        Created business plans, pricing/packaging strategies, and product requirement
•        Prepared competitive analyses, marketing and technical documents, and white papers.
•        Managed daily workflow prioritization and communications within development organization in
order to maximize efficiency and productivity.
•        Supervised one Product Manager, and performed extensive training and motivation.
•        Grew product revenues 300% in three years, to encompass almost 20% of company sales.

MDL Information Systems, Inc. – San Leandro-CA        1989 –1996
Product Manager/Senior Scientist, ISIS Business Unit        1993 - 1996
•        Performed product planning and management for several key product areas (e.g., ISIS/Host).  
Planned product functionality and developed future strategies for product lines.  
•        Coordinated multi-disciplinary teams of developers, QA specialists, marketing personnel, and
•        Planned and facilitated development of product interfaces with third-party modeling software.
•        Prepared competitive analyses, marketing bulletins, technical documentation, and white

Sr. Applications Scientist, Product Planning & Mgmt.        1989 - 1993
Molecular Design Limited        San Leandro, CA
•        Identified and evaluated new and enhanced software products for handling information on
chemical substances and their 3D representations.  Developed new product demonstrations.
•        Authored product description, presentations, technical materials, white papers, and more.
University of Alabama at Birmingham        1987 - 1989
Post Doctoral Fellow        
•        Performed computational studies on small high energy-density materials in search of new
materials to be used as rocket propellants
•        potential energy hypersurface scans of related species using GAUSSIAN-88, -86, -82, AMPAC,
MOPAC, and EXTREME on Cray, VAX and IBM mainframes
•        particular emphasis was placed on full potential surface analysis of electron deficient tetra-
atomic clusters.

Virginia Commonwealth University        1984 - 1986
Mary E. Kapp - Research Assistant        
•        Conducted theoretical and experimental evaluation of the influence of secondary orbital
interactions in Diels-Alder reactions
•        developed a parameter set for a new basis set "STP-6G" to improve the efficiency in MCSCF
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