Services We Offer
Contract Research
For clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies:

  1. Contract research in CADD, primarily ligand-based design, structure-based
    design, pharmacophore modeling, QSAR, and 3D database screening.
  2. Evaluation of the existing informatics infrastructure, computational tools, and
    mapping of the tools to the research objectives and plans
  3. Software inventory review and analysis, recommendation on tools for a given
    problem and/or environment
  4. CADD introductory and advanced training for research scientists and
    managers (see the training services page for details)

For clients in the scientific software companies:

  1. Working with companies in developing strategic plans, marketing plans, and
    business plans
  2. Provide market research and analysis for existing or adjacent markets, and
    develop a growth strategy
  3. Provide training on product strategy, product planning and management (see
    the training services page for more details)
  4. Marketing  tasks including:
  1. 3-5 year strategic planning for software
  2. Market research and analysis, segmentation
  3. Business plan writing
  4. Software product launch planning
  5. Software requirement analysis and definition
  6. SWOT analysis
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