Duplicate Bridge Services
The Director is also a Life Master in bridge, a certified tournament director, and an
accredited bridge teacher.

The following services are available:

  • Tournament directorship
  • ACBL sanctioned games
  • Private duplicate bridge games
  • Also providing computer analyzed pre-dealt hands' hand records
  • 2/1 System (one-day workshop)
  • On-line bridge classes
  • 2 hour workshop on selected topics in bridge
  • Finesse: how to do it right
  • Safety play
  • New Minor Forcing
  • Light opening in third and fourth seat
  • Tactical tools for the declarer
  • Opening leads for the defender

In addition a full curriculum of progressive bridge classes are available.
curriculum includes 9 courses.  
The first five courses are American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Bridge in the 21st
Century series, based on Audrey Grant’s original course.  In this program, these
courses are labeled as
Bridge 101, 201, 202, 251, and 252.  Students who complete
these five courses will have learned the Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC)
bidding system at the basic level, which is the most popular system in North America
and also the default system used in most on-line bridge sites such as Bridge-Base
Online (BBO).  SAYC is a 5-card major system that is also very popular in Turkey.  
Each course takes 8 weeks to complete, with two hour sessions each week.  The
second hour of each session provides four pre-dealt hands that are played by the
students, under supervision.

The second three-course series (
Bridge 301, 302, and 303) is based on ACBL’s play
and learn series developed by Pat Harrington.  These courses are for intermediate
players and each three-hour session provides pre-dealt hands which the students
first play and then follow instructor’s review and analysis.  The focus on this series is
a full spectrum look at Notrump opening systems, and systems around opening of a
major.  At the end of this three-course series, the student will have mastered SAYC
and in addition, will have learned the basics of the Two-Over-One system, which is
one of the most popular systems in competitive tournament bridge today.  Three-hour
sessions start with a pre-dealt hand and each session contains 8 pre-dealt hands
allowing students to play 8 games and be a declarer twice at the session.  Unlike the
previous course that provided supervised play, at this level the students will bid and
play each hand on their own, and receive full analysis and review from the instructor
after their play ends.  Each hand is designed to make a specific point relevant to the
topic of the lesson.  

The last course,
Bridge 401, is for advanced players who want to improve their
“declarer play”.  Each two-hour session of this 10 week course includes four pre-
dealt hands played by the students followed by a full analysis on how these contracts
can be made against best defense.  The examples presented in the course are taken
from William S. Root’s book entitled “How to Play a Bridge Hand.” Selected hands are
difficult and advanced students are expected to fail making the contracts 80% of the
time prior taking the lessons.  This course is for players who have achieved a certain
level of success in competitive tournament play and reached a level that they feel they
could not advance any further.  Following the 10 weeks’ session the students would
acquire a logical thinking pattern on how the make a plan, prioritize tactical options,
and successfully make difficult contracts.  Each session contains 6-9 hand analysis
four of which will be played by the students prior the analysis.
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