Turquoise Consulting™
Turquoise Consulting is closed to business

For project suggestions you can contact the Principal directly.

What We Do
We provide computer-aided drug design (CADD) services, including consulting, training,
contract research, market research and software marketing.  See the
services page for more
information about our services.
    Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) &  
Contract Research
What's New?

  • New bridge courses are being offered.  See the bridge services page for more details
  • Director has moved to Atlanta taking a part time research position at Mercer University.
  • The Director's career is highlighted in a book by Lisa Balbes "Nontraditional Careers for
    Chemists," pp 101-105.  Here is a brief summary of the book.
Founded by the Director in 2006, our company extends the services of over 20 years of
experience in CADD and Cheminformatics.
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    Bridge Services
Tournament Directing
Private Bridge Duplicate Games